Go Forth and Educate Yourselves!

I’d also highly recommend watching the Jane Elliot Brown-eye/Blue-eye experiments, which can be found here:

Very few people get to see my wild side. If you’re one of those people, consider yourself special.

Only your memory will keep me company tonight

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No Strings Attached.

Sometimes I don’t feel like I was meant to have a serious relationship while I’m in college. I mean there’s so much I have yet to live, so many adventures I have yet to take. I’m not saying a relationship would hold me back completely but I don’t know if I would feel as free and independent as I do now. I like to live in the moment when it comes to my intimate life. If things happen, then they happen. And they happen for a reason. If it feels right at the moment, then there are no regrets. It’s that simple. No commitments, no strings attached. Just memorable moments. When the feeling is mutual, it’s great. When it’s not, that’s when things start to get a little tricky.

I wonder.

Sometimes I wonder if you still think about me. Sometimes I wonder whether I left a mark behind. Sometimes I wonder what’s running through your mind. Sometimes I wonder if you know how I feel. Most of the time, that’s all I do though, just wonder.

Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind, I tell you. In fact, others seem to be bothering you, but it is not others, it is your own mind.
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I don’t consider myself a wise person, I still have much more to experience, but I have ears that listen and a heart that understands.
Dreaming is the closest thing we have to experiencing what we most desire. I’d rather live something in my dreams than not live it at all.
Update on my life.

Wow it has been one hell of a summer. I’ve been so busy with work but I’m finally home now. Not sure how I’m still awake after my 5 hour drive and not sure why I’m deciding to update people on my life at this moment precisely 😬. Anywho, I’m satisfied with the accomplishments I have made working in the psych lab. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be able to have an independent project and the fact that my mentor wants me to write a publication this year is still taking me a while to fully process. It has always been a goal for me to have a publication under my belt before applying to grad school but I didn’t know she was going to be the one to pitch the idea to me. It says a lot coming from her. I guess she must see potential in me since I am the only undergrad with a project in her lab. And there are a lot of other undergrads as well. I’m the only one with this opportunity though, which makes me feel special. This could be a shoe into grad school for me! Aside from work though, I’ve had wayy too much fun this summer. So many road trips with friends and fraternity brothers. This will definitely be a summer to keep in the books.